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Melqosh’s FGM/C Prevention Initiative

The purpose of Melqosh Mission International’s Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) Prevention Project is to help improve the lives of females who have survived or face the threat of FGM/C worldwide.  The mission’s objectives are: 

 Promote social inclusion for the public benefit by preventing FGM/C survivors from becoming socially excluded, relieving the needs of these people who have been socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society.

Identify, support and empower females who are at risk of this FGM/C practice, especially young girls. 

Strengthen inter-structural relationship with existing Anti FGM organisations and proactively work on eradicating Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting by providing safe and confidential focus groups for females to address this societal malaise.

Work with boroughs and local community organisations, to establish a multi-agency partnership and FGM/C prevention strategies

Execute Social Change Campaigns in the UK and specifically in Sierra Leone, where there is a high prevalence of FGM/C practice.  Provide a service that will be primarily devoted to the development of self-image, self-confidence, imaginative or creative minds and progression routes for FGM/C survivors.

Empower females who have undergone “Mutilation Inside Out”. A good percentage of our beneficiaries in Sierra Leone were mutilated during the war (their limbs were hacked off by rebels).  They also survived FGM/C before or after the war.  

Contribution of  MMI’s  Founder to  28 Too Many’s Report 2014

“28 Too Many’s report on FGM in Sierra Leone is quite apt in its analysis  Sierra Leone, which is intrinsically entrenched in mythical and traditional practices when it comes to the cutting of female Sierra Leoneans.  We believe that re-educating society on the irrational culture surrounding this age-old practice and its emotional, psychological and physiological corollaries will not only save lives but also change lives.  Our charity, educates, mentors, supports and empowers females whose limbs were mutilated and amputated by rebels during the civil war and who have also undergone FGM before and after their unfortunate amputation.  Their unique challenges require extensive counselling and education as these women have been ‘mutilated inside out’ and need more support compared to their able-bodied counterparts. However we are optimistic that education and access to information are insecticides against FGM worldwide, through this tool we will reduce and one day eradicate this absurd tradition.” Faith Okrafo-Smart, Founder of Melqosh Mission International

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