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No Free Education for Amputee Girl


Stories Of Melqosh Mission International Ebola Orphans-Beneficiaries

Daniel’s story in his own words:

“My name is Daniel Vandy and I am 7 years old. I lived with my mummy and daddy, brother and three sisters in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Ebola came to Sierra Leone and took my mummy and daddy away. They were both very sick and died after a while. My 18 year old brother Augustine and I also became ill and we were to taken to a special hospital. After the doctors tested us, we were told we both had Ebola.

 I became very ill but got well because of the medicine the doctors gave me. My brother also recovered from Ebola. We stayed in the hospital for some time and were cleared of Ebola. This is my certificate which shows I no longer have Ebola. When we got home, we were told our 16 year old sister Augusta had died. We now live in a new place some people in England rented for us. One of our relatives in the Provinces came to Freetown to take care of my two sisters and I. Thank you Melqosh Mission International for coming to our aid. This Christmas is very difficult without my mummy, daddy and sister, everything is different for us now. When Ebola goes away, I want to go back to school. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up."



Esther’s story in her own words:


I am Esther Vandy and I am 10 years old. This is my sister Regina, she is 1 year old. When she was 10 months old, our parents became sick and died. We were told they died of Ebola. Our two brothers became also sick and were taken to a hospital for treatment. I thought I will never see them again as they looked like our parents looked when they were sick. I cried a lot but our sister Augusta who was 16 years old, took care of Regina and I; she comforted us. Not long after that, Augusta began complaining of malaria. She spoke to some people on the phone and stop coming into the house to take care of Regina and I. Instead she slept in the veranda and stayed outside the house and gave us food through the window. She wrapped her hands with plastic bags before giving us the food.


Few days later, Augusta died outside the house before the people who came to take sick people away arrived. The next day, people came and took her body away, Regina and I were taken to a quarantine place and got tested for Ebola, and we were there for over 21 days. The doctors told me that we did not have Ebola, this is our certificate. I was happy to know that Regina and I will not die but I miss my family. I was very happy to find out that my brothers Augustine and Daniel survived Ebola. We are now living at a new place in Wellington with our Aunty Augusta Hassanatu who came from the Provinces to care for us, because we have no one else. My brother Augustine is taking a course on how to help children like us who have lost their parents and who have been abandoned. An organization called Melqosh Mission International is helping us with food items and other things. They have promised to give Aunty Augusta money to do some trade and pay our school fees when we go back to school. I want to be the President of Sierra Leone when I grow up".


Ebola Orphans in Makeni/Sierra Leone


Amputee Girl’s Story:

Introducing Fatmata Hope Kamara, she is 16 yrs old and very intelligent - the rebels cut off her left arm when she was 2 yrs old. They cut off her limb but they did not cut off her destiny. 

The future is very bright for this intelligent young girl, God willing. Picture was taken at the Inaugural Training day at our IT ACADEMY FOR AMPUTEES & THEIR CHILDREN in 2014. 






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