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Melqosh‘s Executives

  • Julian Taylor Morgan
  • Shelley Taylor Morgan
  • Angela Jones
  • Rugiatu Lamin Wurie
  • Femi Palmer
  • Robert Jones
  • Marcus Oba-Wright
  • Bankole Jones
  • Marian Kai Kai
  • Joy Ibgbelabo
  • Stella Igbelabo
  • Alex Pratt
  • Andrew Emonfomwan
  • Fatima Kanu
  • Simche Williams

Melqosh Mission

Melqosh means Latter Rain in Hebrew. The seed of Melqosh Mission was conceived in November 2004 and its vision is to help girls and women who had their limbs forcibly and wickedly amputated by the rebels in the course of one of Africa's bloodiest civil wars in Sierra Leone. The ten-year war ended over a decade ago but the consequences of these committed atrocities and barbarity are ever so present in the lives of plenty. The war may be over but the results of its destruction pervade the country and its victims and they need to be addressed.  The other females are those who became disabled due to birth defects or illnesses such as polio, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and paralysis attributed to accidents etc. These girls and women are rejects of society; no future, no dreams or opportunities; just barely living under the hospices of family or relatives. 

In Sierra Leone, the able-bodied women find it difficult to earn a living hence the high rate of prostitution. If life for the able-bodied women is so bleak, imagine what it is for physically challenged women. The mission is to teach and train post war afflicted amputee and physically challenged girls and women in the provinces and the most social-excluded parts of the Western Area (who have no education, training or social capital or opportunity. Because these women have had no education we will have to give them elementary education and vocational training will include Sewing, Knitting, Garment Dyeing and other arts and crafts. Life skills such as interpersonal skills, communication skills, negotiation skills, cooperation skills, team- work skills, decision-making skills, critical thinking skills, self-management skills etc. In addition to provide mentoring, counselling, and Medicare facilities for the beneficiaries, thus providing extensive help and support.

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